Jack Elka


Drummer extraordinaire, Kenny Crawley passed away yesterday.  Jack and Kenny performed on and off together for over 30 years with The Billy Rice Band, Jake the Snake, jammed at the Clam Factory, Showboat, House Parties, Jams,  and so many more and they became great friends.  Here are some of Jack’sContinue Reading


I never thought I would smile seeing advertisements for Christmas.  This never happened to me before.  Actually, some of the commercials are so heartwarming that I got choked up. A Quieter Thanksgiving in 2020 This Thanksgiving was a quiet one for many of us.  Following social distancing practices, dinners wereContinue Reading

Thankful Week: An Attitude of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not necessarily because of the reason why we first started celebrating (the more you learn about it, the less magical the First Thanksgiving seems) but because of what it means in our culture today. It’s a holiday in America that isn’t designated to a specific religion. It’s about gathering with loves ones – whether given or chosen family. And it’s heavily focused on consuming carbs in their various delicious forms. 

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