Since 1973 Sarasota has been blessed to have a premiere contemporary theatre…the Florida Studio Theatre. Offering world-class stage entertainment is just a fraction of what they’re about. Florida Studio Theatre is a Sarasota jewel. Theatre guests come from cities throughout the country, as well as major metropolitan areas like NewContinue Reading

Happy Birthday To Sarasota’s Art Ovation Hotel


Fancy boutique hotels with a rooftop bar are all the rage, just look around Downtown Sarasota and you can confirm that being on top of a building in this enviable location is like being on top of a paradise tinted world and everyone wants in on it.

Florida Studio Theatre


On the main stage in Sarasota’s rich arts and culture scene is Florida Studio Theatre.  Graced with a beautiful location on Palm Avenue, this venue has become well respected for its widely anticipated and highly acclaimed productions.  Theater buffs of all ages are entertained and educated in this historic andContinue Reading