Over the course of the years, as we have been roaming the state for floridafuntravel.com, we have found there are things we need at our hotel room. To be honest, we have picked up more than a few of them at the Dollar Store. Many of these items have provedContinue Reading


As in-state tourists, we do a lot of traveling around Florida. It has taken a while, but we have developed a method of travel that’s a bit more laid back than when I was growing up. When I was a youngster we generally would load up the car, then myContinue Reading


Yes, here at Florida Fun Travel we like to travel (as witnessed by our name). But over the past couple of months this whole Coronavirus thing has really cramped our style. As things began to close down around us, we got our fun where we could. First, we renewed ourContinue Reading


Well, just like everybody else, Florida Fun Travel’s statewide excursions came to a grinding halt when the restaurants, bars, beaches and just about everything else was shut down due to concerns over the Coronavirus. However, we have become innovative in still trying to keep the wheels of the tourism industryContinue Reading