Valentine’s Day


That most terrifying of holidays for single folks is nearly upon us again, Valentine’s Day. The fourteenth day of February is about to herald the Day of love that some will wish away; others will relish with bated breath what surprise their significant other has planned, and yet others willContinue Reading


I imagine everyone loves the aroma of baking bread permeating from the oven; I certainly do. The delicious smell of baking evokes happy childhood memories, and it has become a wonderfully productive coping strategy for me during the pandemic. I recall being a little girl, standing outside a small family-runContinue Reading


With 2020, we have learned to throw all expectations out the window as we ponder, “What is next?”  From a global pandemic to murder hornets, racial unrest and a divided country to an election that was not as cut and dried as some of us had wanted, this has beenContinue Reading

Thankful Week: An Attitude of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not necessarily because of the reason why we first started celebrating (the more you learn about it, the less magical the First Thanksgiving seems) but because of what it means in our culture today. It’s a holiday in America that isn’t designated to a specific religion. It’s about gathering with loves ones – whether given or chosen family. And it’s heavily focused on consuming carbs in their various delicious forms. 

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