The Best Little Store on Anna Maria Island


This weeks “Best of The Sarasota Post” goes to wonderful store~  Good things come in small packages! That’s the way to describe and very unique and cool store on Anna Maria Island, “Anna Maria Rocks!” It’s a “gem” of a store! Located at 9908 Gulf Drive this store has some marvelous treasures.

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Stop Your Spam Calls in Florida - Now!!


I never want my articles to be about complaining. However, I think I am not alone when I say I am sick and tired of being called 5-9 times a day from someone trying to either sell me something or telling me I owe the IRS money and to send the so called outstanding debit via gift cards. I have registered all my phone numbers on the Do Not Call List. That doesn’t seem to make a difference with the amount of calls that I am getting. Did you know that in 2017 Florida ranked #2 in the U.S. for complaints to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry? The #1 state was California, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. So, yes we Floridians are feeling the intrusion of these unwanted calls.

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Sharing Less This Holiday Season (The Twelve Days of my Facebook Feed!)


Trying to digest the barrage of information that comes out of Facebook feels like having to alphabetically sort every word from Webster’s Dictionary after they have been individually cut and scattered everywhere by a gigantic fan. I don’t know what to do with it all. By definition, “information” means “facts provided about someone or something.” Perhaps, “information” isn’t quite the word to describe what we get out of logging on and checking in. It’s usually with tongue-in-cheek that we validate our points by saying “I saw it on Facebook.”

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Santa Claus is Making You Fat


Well, it’s here, the season of joy, giving, and hope. (hope you don’t pack on too many pounds eating those homemade buckeye’s.) Cookie bake-offs will have us donning cute aprons with pictures of svelte chefs on them. (all the while, we will be Lularolling waistbands down to allow for more stretch underneath.) You will spend hours shopping for just the right gift while enjoying a bite out with your friends. (who are we kidding, it’s going to be half of a pizza and a pint of beer.) Santa will be ho-ho-hoing (hold the veggies please, extra mayo on my foot-long sub) in the malls calling out to your little ones to spill the beans on their desired toys (skip the beans, let’s have some almond bark.) Finally, the festivities will culminate with an abundance of presents neatly wrapped with ribbons and bows. (Did someone say, “ribs and bowtie pasta?”) The New Year will bring an added sense of wonder (along with 10 pounds) and hope for what may come in 2018.

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What If Hillary Clinton Was Elected President?


Well, I hope the headline got your attention but, sorry, this article is not about Hillary and it’s not about Donald.   We never talk politics on The Sarasota Post!   It’s about the absolute craziness that is going on in social media circles and the damage it is causing.

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Are you addicted to Facebook?


To Facebook, that is?  I mean, everyone’s doing it.  Doesn’t that make it completely acceptable in your mind? Not able to sleep because you just HAVE to see what’s going on with old and new friends?  Sneaking to Facebook at work knowing it will jeopardize your job and then spendingContinue Reading