Fabio Dal Boni features a unique artistic expression that lies somewhere between new pop and fine photography art. The bright splashes of color as sure to brighten up any space, and many of his pieces simply make you want to smile from the exuberant color and applications that seem toContinue Reading

Fabio Dal Boni Is Painting a Beautiful Picture


Art is transformational. With a glimpse of your God-given eyes, you can go from merely just seeing something for it’s intrinsic value, to being drawn in as if almost against your will. That feeling of connecting with a work of art so that the canvas or medium opens a door allowing you to enter an alternate reality all because your eyes led you on a magical journey. I had that experience on a recent visit to meet with fine art photographer, Fabio Dal Boni. Perusing his collection, Creatures of Light, was like taking an exotic vacation, and I never even left my seat.