Please take a moment to consider this article and my personal thoughts fully before responding, as I certainly acknowledge what a tough topic a mask can be. I realize that this topic is sensitive for so many reasons, but it has weighed heavy on my heart and mind of late.Continue Reading


Wearing a mask is a topic – a national conversation, and undoubtedly, this issue is pertinent to us on the Suncoast. What saddens me is the polarization mask/face covering provokes at a time in which we must all consider one another as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, coupled with the staggeringContinue Reading


Any animal lover will attest to the fact that our pets are more to us than just companions.  Some would go as far as saying they are like children.  Ok, with all due respect to my human kids and my husband, I am no exception.  In fact, our two GoldenContinue Reading


In this upside-down COVID world we are living in, where being negative is really considered positive, and being positive is now just bad, there is one tool that is assisting those of us with a panic-stricken look on our face: The mask. I am not here to discuss whether youContinue Reading


My very dear friend, Bob Slicker is the General Manager of one of the best restaurants on the Florida Suncoast, The Swordfish Grill & Tiki in Cortez, Florida.  He like many other restaurants and businesses are struggling to survive.  Bob Slicker has been there for me through thick and thinContinue Reading