Whenever someone thinks of Florida, the thought of the amazing seafood that is part of the cuisine here comes to mind. Do not be fooled, though. All fish may be created equal, how caught and prepared does matter. When looking for a sustainable, fresh from the water quality fish option,Continue Reading

A Medical Nigtmare That Could Happen to Anyone


Imagine for a moment this medical nightmare. You go in for a knee replacement, routine right? Not when you end up contracting a post-surgical MRSA infection while in the hospital. You spend the next three years hospitalized on a cocktail of antibiotics desperately trying to eliminate the infection and to try to save your leg. All the different high-powered antibiotics are wreaking havoc on all the systems of your body. The effort to save your leg fails and you end up having your leg amputated from the knee down. The years of medications to try and eliminate the deadly MRSA infection have literally killed your kidneys, and you are left overweight, diabetic and in a wheelchair.

Cortez, Florida- Killer Bait!


Cortez is the oldest active fishing village in the state of Florida.   Every day, local fisherman leave early and spend hours at their trade catching fresh sustainable seafood.

Happy New Year From The Sarasota Post!


2016 has been a fabulous year for The Sarasota Post and Sande Caplin and Associates.  We would like to thank the entire community for your support.  A special thanks to the companies listed below who gave us the privilege to work with them this year.

Fresh Fish In Cortez Florida


“I’m just another Bozo on the bus,” is what James ‘Wyre’ Lee told me when I asked him what his title was at Cortez Bait & Seafood. He actually runs the place. He has since 2007 when, just prior to this August, it was a little wood shack tucked in between Cortez Kitchen and Swordfish Grill.