Visionary young blues star Selwyn Birchwood, touring in support of his latest Alligator Records release, Pick Your Poison, will perform at the Blue Rooster in Sarasota on Thursday, September 19 and Friday, September 20, 2019. On Pick Your Poison , Birchwood, along with his band—saxophonist Regi Oliver, bassist Huff Wright and drummer Courtney “Big Love” Girlie—takes a major step forward, crafting visionary blues for a new generation of forward-looking fans. Concert information is as follows:

Visionary Blues Star Selwyn Birchwood to Perform at Blue Rooster in Sarasota, FL


Visionary young blues star Selwyn Birchwood, touring in support of his latest Alligator Records release, PICK YOUR POISON, will perform at Blue Rooster in Sarasota on Saturday, December 22, 2018. On PICK YOUR POISON, Birchwood, along with his band-saxophonist Regi Oliver, bassist Huff Wright and drummer Courtney “Big Love” Girlie-takes a major step forward, crafting visionary blues for a new generation of forward-looking fans.


What are you doing for Easter?  It’s hard to believe but Easter Sunday is just around the corner.  It’s pretty early this year, just a few weeks behind St. Paddy’s day.  It seems like most of us, including me, are just now thinking about things to do.  I personally don’t want to get all dressed up and sit somewhere stuffy, but I still want to do something on this special day.

Mark Guitar Miller: Flamboyant Connectivity


“My guitar playing is a very spiritual thing to me”… If you haven’t seen Mark Guitar Miller out playing, you’re missing an incredible musician that turns blues upside down and spills the beans with rockin’ or jazzy licks that has everyone shaking on the dance floor or giving thunderous applause. Hailing from Maine, this life-long guitarist and 67-year-old Northern transplant came to Sarasota/Bradenton because he heard about the plethora of musicians here. And while that could mean more competition, Mark has seen the musicians here, rather, as an incredible support system. And he’s thankful for all of the introductions and opportunities to play with great talent.

Billy Rice Acoustic


The Blue Rooster will be hosting a Sarasota  / Bradenton treasure on Tuesday, January 17 from 7-10pm.   Billy Rice will be doing something a little different.  He will be performing an “acoustic duo” with bass player, Al Marnie.   If you heard Billy do acoustic at his video release party last November, than you know you are in for a real treat.

Mike "The Professor" Hensley


You know that feeling you get when a guitar rift, piano solo, or first chord of a song instantly takes you back to a moment in your life? There is nothing quite like it, void of words, yet telling a full story beginning to end. Many people feel that music is the universal language, preempting English as the most widely used form of communication. For Mike Hensley, music was his ticket to wholeness, an avenue to provide for his children as a single parent, and a way to truly connect to the world. His story is one of goal-setting, determination, and continuing to work hard to live the dream he had imagined for himself.

Kettle of Fish


Last night there was new music being premiered to the full house at Ace’s. Kettle of Fish has a new CD out called “Living On Someday”. Recorded locally at Nova Sanga Studios with one live track recorded at the “Blue Rooster”, fans were scooping it up between sets. Dana Lawrence’s vocals were in fine form. The night also served as a “Bon Voyage” party for prodigy guitarist Kevin Miller who is headed off to college in New York.  

Mr. Sipp


 Mr. Sipp photo courtesy of Last week, Don Mckeon the main man at  wanted to know if I was going to the Blue Rooster on Friday night to see Mr. Sipp and his band.  It wasn’t in my plans, but when Don gives you a band recommendation….you listen!Continue Reading

Selwyn Birchwood Band


  France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Memphis, TN,  Calgary, Canada, Chattanooga, TN, Rochester, NY, Rochester, MN, Buffalo, NY, Falls Church, VA and many more cities.  No it’s not a concert tour for Madonna, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, or Bruno Mars.  These are just some of the countries and cities that theContinue Reading

Kara Nally


I had the pleasure of meeting Kara Nally for breakfast twice over the last 30 days at “First Watch” on Main Street in Sarasota.  Both times, Kara was stylishly late!  I have come to learn that is Kara being Kara!  It didn’t bother me…’s Florida and no one is chasing me!  Kara never stops talking- she has so much to share.  She is a bundle of enthusiasm.  Kara was born in Weymouth, Mass and also lived in Norwalk, Mass.  She went to the same high school as Susan Tedeschi……different years!  Kara started singing Mariah Carey songs when she was in the first grade.  She has played with many different bands since the age of 14.  She always sang in the chorus in her high school years.  She proudly told me that one of her uncle’s performed on “Broadway” in New York City.