Trevor Bystrom: Local Southwest Florida Musician With A Multi-Cultural Sound


Trevor Bystrom is known for his multi-cultural sound, which blends elements from many genres including world, rock, reggae, latin, and blues. He and his band create world melodies and afro-rhythms using many unique instruments from a wide range of cultures including flute, violin, didgeridoo, ngoni, Weissenborn slide guitar, and world percussion.

Florida Is Ready For Smart Homes, And Here’s Why on Anna Maria Island Sound


Countless people flock to Florida to experience fun and sunshine, however, Floridians have another reason to cheer the sunshine. A new building development in Cortez, FL right off the bridge coming off Anna Maria Island. is lauded for its carbon neutrality. Hunters Point Resort and Marina is the first of its kind, as its a zero-energy project built for an entire community. The brainchild of property developers, Pearl Homes, Hunters Point offers homeowners the opportunity to live sustainably and smart. According to sources, the homes make use of Google’s AI to help maintain the smart side of things, thereby eliminating the electricity bill.