You Showed Your Love and Generosity, Again!

Twinklle Yochim closing the Show!  Photo By Shelby Hartshorn

This town never ceases to amaze me!  Last Thursday at the Swordfish Grill and Tiki, Ladies Sing the Blues took place with all of the ticket and raffle proceeds going to Hope Family Services.  The Swordfish Grill also donated a portion of their sales and more!  

The ladies were fabulous!  They entertained for 4 hours on 2 stages!  Musical Director, Steve Arvey did a fabulous job.  Producer, Laura Adams kept the show running smoothly and on time!  Thank you to “MC” Billy Rice who also graciously donated his time and had some wonderful things to say about each entertainer.  Bob Slicker, General Manager of the Swordfish- what can I say….you never say “no” to me when I ask for your help.  Your staff did an awesome job and the food and drinks were fabulous.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies… were awesome, better than ever!  Christine Berstling, Rebecca Bird, Savannah Brady, Synia Carroll, Doti Devane, Jami Gee, Beth Hammer, Wendy Joffe, Lady Katt, Melanie Massell, Taylor Opie, Brittany Russell, Syl Vee R and Twinkle- THANK YOU!

What an amazing town we live in.  Again, thank you!

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Beth Hammer, Billy Rice, Bob Slicker, Brittany Russell, Christine Berstling, Doti Devane, Jami Gee, Ladies Sing the blues, Lady Katt, Melanie Massell, Rebecca Bird, Savannah Brady, Steve Arvey, Swordfish Grill, Syl Vee R, Synia Carroll, Taylor Opie, Twinkle, Wendy Joffe

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