Shelby Hartshorn

Welcome, SHELBY!

Sande Caplin and Associates and The Sarasota Post are pleased to announce that Shelby Hartshorn is now a part of our team.  Shelby brings a young and positively awesome attitude to the organization.  She will be part of the “design team” and will work closely with partner / site creator James Newton.

The Sarasota Post is a daily blog/publication that specializes in sharing information about local area businesses, restaurants, music venues and organizations.  Every Thursday, Jennifer Adams has a story from Tune In To Life about life coaching.

Sande Caplin and Associates, website designers based in Sarasota / Bradenton with satellite offices in NY and VA has many clients in the area including The Sarasota Film Festival, The Billy Rice Band, Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio, Primo Ristorante, Joto Steakhouse, Soto’s Optical, The Swordfish Grill and more.  Visit the website at

Welcome Shelby!

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