We Need to Show Some Love for GoTonight.com

We Need to Show Some Love for GoTonight.com

Don McKeon’s dream started about 9 years ago. Anyone who knows Don, knows that he loves “live music” and will go just about anywhere to listen to bands and musicians in our area. That is why he started gotonight.com in 2009.

Don never could find one place on the internet or in a print edition that would show all the places where there was live music. So, what did he do? He hired a programmer do develop a site listing all the venues where you could go and listen to live music. That’s how it all got started.

Moving ahead to 2018…. A lot has changed in the technology field and GoTonight must have a new platform in order to keep the website up and running.

From the GoTonight Go Fund Me Page: HELP – the emperor has no clothes! GoTonight’s musical success (tens of thousands of happy users) is only skin deep on the back end. The system provides little support for our administration or community music activists, and ad sales cover only a fraction of our costs; it can’t be expanded to other cities, and even the simplest tasks (e.g., resetting passwords) require manual effort. A new system with the necessary technology, features and revenue is underway, but investors want to see it completed before funding, and we need help to get there. Any donation helps spread local live music and feed more musicians!

Chuck and Sheree Englehardt are now partners with Don and run they day to day operation. They need the help of everyone in our  community…..restaurant owners, live music venues, musicians and all of you folks who attend live music events.

Please Donate Today: https://www.gofundme.com/gotonight.com

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