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Sarasota Police Department

Very Important Information from the Sarasota Police Department

| Suncoast Post Staff |

The Sarasota Police Department is launching a new initiative, the High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) program, aiming to enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Alarmingly, the City of Sarasota sits among the top 25 cities in Florida witnessing major and lethal accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

To shield those most at risk on the roads, the police department will amplify its enforcement activities until May 2024. These operations will intensify on crucial stretches within the city:

  • North Washington Boulevard (US 301) between 12th and 24th Streets.
  • South Tamiami Trail (US 41) from Webber Street to Hibiscus Street and from Arlington Street to Bahia Vista Street.
  • North Tamiami Trail (US 41) from May Lane up to Gary Drive.
  • Fruitville Road spanning from Tarpon Avenue to Midwest Parkway.

This HVE initiative complements the regular duties of the Sarasota Police Traffic Unit. The chosen streets were pinpointed based on accident data concerning pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. This elevated patrol activity receives its funding through an agreement with the University of North Florida and aligns with the Florida Department of Transportation’s mission to boost pedestrian and cyclist safety.

The main aspiration of this heightened enforcement is to uplift awareness and adherence to traffic regulations safeguarding pedestrians and cyclists. The emphasis will largely be on imparting knowledge to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists. Non-compliance might attract warnings or even fines, based on the situation.

Officer Jason Frank from the Sarasota Police Traffic Unit stated, “Our chief objective is the safety of our community. We are dedicated to continuously informing every driver, pedestrian, and cyclist about road rules. Collaboratively, we aim to abolish road fatalities.”

A Reminder for Everyone

Drivers: Adhere to speed regulations, avoid driving under the influence, and remain vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists.

Cyclists: Respect traffic rules, move in sync with traffic, and ensure you’re visible at night with lights.

Pedestrians: Always use crosswalks or intersections, heed pedestrian signals, and ensure visibility during nighttime strolls.

Every interaction with individuals in Sarasota will be recorded, and findings will be presented to the Florida Department of Transportation after the safety campaign concludes.

Photo from Sarasota Police Department

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