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US Tent Rental

US Tent Rental Company in Sarasota- We Are So Proud of You

| Suncoast Post Staff |

This was posted on Facebook from the wonderful folks at US Tent Rental in Sarasota, Florida!  Please share this story with your friends.  These guys are heroes!

Before the holiday weekend begins…This is the photo of US Tent headquarters. 762 miles from here are 15 of our guys…far from home…away from their families….running on little sleep… still working hard, helping to set up base camps for Hurricane Ida relief.

They’ve seen & heard some pretty difficult stories & endured some not-so-great conditions. Disaster Relief work is NOT pretty. We’re grateful to them & all those supporting Louisiana & honored to be able to help. It’s an experience our crew will not forget for sure.

A shout out to Gaby, Jose B., Tim, Luis, Edwin, Nesh, Kirk, Antonio, Gerson, Kevin, Otto, Nicholas, Benson Ricardo and Jessie. Also, a shout out to Dustin, who will stay behind as our project manager when our guys get to come back home.

We could not be more proud of all of you and how you have represented US Tent Rental.


US Tent Rental
7800 Matoaka Road
Sarasota, FL 34243

941 727-3311


Photo from US Tent Rental

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