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Twinkle’s New Website- Very Cool!

| Sande Caplin |

Groovy, cool, right on man, dig it, PEACE….wild stuff!   I haven’t heard these slogans in years, I mean many years. Vietnam War, Richard Nixon,  protests, pot smoking (I did not inhale!)….bell bottom jeans, nickel bags and more. It was another time.

Well, Twinkle has brought it all back to me. I knew very little about this special lady until about a year ago when my pal Mark Kracker introduced me. I didn’t think that she would even talk to me. A big star, and so many other folks to talk to. Not only did she talk to me, I got a big hug and she handed me this beautiful baby (which I thought was hers!) and found out it was her granddaughter!

The months fly by as usual and I have gotten to know this really “cool” person rather well. I would call the conversations casual and soothing, light and breezy!  I pick her brain about the “old days” with Warner Brothers, playing with the Allman Brothers and the rest of the “cool” bands, and Twinkle picks my brain on how the hell we build websites. Wauchula is also a big part of our conversation!  It makes for some interesting conversation.

Anyway….enough of that. It will make a great biography one day. Everyone knows that the band has had a few issues with their prior team. It was shocking to find out how some people think. It’s history!  Move forward….next!

My team feels that we have put together a website for Twink & The Boys of Rock.Soul.Radio that is very awesome! We have more work to do on the site, but “Phase 1” is ready to roll!

I would like to thank Matt, Shawn, and Hallie of my team who had lots of input for this project. And most of all, “thank you” James. Your passion, your drive, your love for what you do is an inspiration to me everyday. You have a talent for always getting it “right on the money!” Love you, man.

So, here you go. Thanks to Twink, Tony, Lenny and Troy for giving us the opportunity to have some fun and letting us do what we think we do best….being creative & WOW!   ….Thanks guys.

The new Twinkle & Rock.Soul.Radio website:

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