Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio Were Electric at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio Were Electric at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

It was time for a coming out party last night!  Some sense of normalcy has been restored!  We wanted to sing, laugh, dance and just have some good old fun!  We knew what to do!  We headed over to Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse where our pals Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio were performing! 

Steve and Terry StottlemyerThe love was overflowing and overwhelming.   It was an After-Hurricane Irma Party!  You could see the looks on everyone’s faces!  Tired, worn but everyone was happy.  There were lots of hugs, smiles, tears and everyone was glad to be there.  Hosts Steve and Terry Stottlemyer were smiling from ear to ear.

Well, Twinkle and her boys were at the top of their game last night.  Twinkle Yochim, Lenny Brooks, Tony LeClerc and Benny Puckett were absolutely fabulous.  Everyone was singing, dancing, clapping and overjoyed to be able to let all their frustrations go away.

Twinkle YochimTwinkle brought tears to my eyes when she sang my favorite original song by the band, “Happy State”.  Thanks, Twink, you’re the best.

The bar was packed, the fabulous food was coming out of the kitchen at a steady pace and it was awesome to see so many friends getting out and having fun.

My suggestion?  Go out tonight at have some fun.  Listen to some live music (check out , go the movies, go out to dinner, but…… just go out and laugh!

Much love to all our friends, family and readers of The Sarasota Post!

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