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Tom Hall, Sarasota Film Festival

Tom Hall Steps Down As Director Of The Saraosta Film Festival

| Sande Caplin |

Tom Hall has stepped down as the Director of The Sarasota Film Festival.  Here is Tom’s press release from 7/16/2014 that he posted on Facebook.

My news is official: After a decade of work, I am stepping down from my position at the Sarasota Film Festival.

I want to stress how incredible everyone at the SFF has been to me and how much I love the festival. I only ever tried to give my best to the organization and I am very proud of everything that we , together, accomplished. I will be helping continue a search and transition and look forward to being involved in any way they will have me moving forward. Huge thanks to Mark Famiglio, Sharyn Weiner and Kathy Johnson Jordan for all they have contributed to keeping the SFF going; I am eternally grateful to them.

This decision is very bittersweet, mutual and two-fold: I have been spending months at a time away from my family, and as my kids grow and my wife and I work harder and harder to keep things going, it has become more and more difficult for my family for me to be away. At the same time, the SFF continues to grow, and it needs more care and attention than I am able to give it.

I am honored to say I have been given the opportunity to join the Montclair Film Festival in Montclair, NJ, working as the Executive Director, both programming and managing the organization. It is a young festival, but I am very excited by how much has been achieved and how much potential is there… I’ll be closer to home and, I hope, able to continue to help the Montclair FF grow.

On a personal note.  I got to know Tom Hall quite well over the past several years.  He worked with my team in developing a “world class” website for the Sarasota Film Festival.  Tom is a great guy and I wish him all of the luck in the world.

Lee Volpe interviewed Tom in April 2014.  Click here for the interview.

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