Greg Kehrer

The Florida Suncoast Lost a Great One- Rest in Peace, Greg Kehrer

Greg Kehrer

We lost a really great guy yesterday.  One of the Suncoast’s biggest music and restaurant supporters passed away.   Greg Kehrer was so dedicated to helping folks in our community.  He was a “behind the scenes” type of guy.  He never wanted to be in the spotlight. 

I always considered my friend Greg, a “techie.”  He always was at his desk working so hard spreading the word on social media about some of the great restaurants in our town. In addition, he did such a great job daily keeping the Sarasota Sally website up and running.

My heart goes out to my pal Vivian Filippone Kehrer, known as “Sarasota Sally,” who has been married to Greg for over 25 years.  They have always been considered a power couple around town.  As a team, they made things happen.

A few quotes from Facebook about Greg:

Greg Kehrer

Vicky Sullivan- Condolences my friend…It was always a pleasure to see you and Greg around the town. Hope these photos taken over the years bring you some comfort. RIP Greg

Rebecca Bird– Deeply saddened at the unexpected loss of our dear friend (& one of my most dedicated fans, musically speaking!): the multi-talented, fun-loving & ever kind-hearted.

Cecilia AnnI love you! Thank you for taking care of me and my mom and kids. Forever in my heart. RIP

For more information about Greg and Vivian, please visit Vivian’s Facebook Page.

Photos by Vicky Sullivan

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