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Randy Stephens, The Easy Rider Project

The Easy Rider Project

| Sande Caplin |

Starting in August of 2014 I decided to do something different and something for the community. I noticed since I started working here our band attracted a biker following and thought about my own circumstance with losing my brother in 2001 to a motorcycle accident. It hit me like a divine intervention.   This is what I want to do…. ‘The Easy Rider Project’ was born. We would do a CD based on the music from this iconic movie including some other motorcycle favorites, rearranged and updated versions.

Our goal? Sell the CD and give all proceeds to help families who have lost loved ones due to accidents involving motorcycles. I got together with my friend, Carl Grieco (drummer) and started to work. I personally produced this album and was hoping for a 3 month turn around – ha!  Its now Feb 2015 and 6 months later we are finally done recording, mixing etc. The CD is in Mastering donated by Nashville Engineer and Producer, John Palmieri. We are offering 9 tracks of music on this CD featuring top musicians from SWFL including Michael Dempsey on bass, Carl Grieco on drums, William Day on
keyboard,  and myself of course  on vocals and guitar.   Included are Trinity Gospel Choir on “Little Help From My friends” and The DOGs Biker group singing the last chorus on ‘Dont Bogart Me.’

Announcing ‘The Easy Rider Project‘ music by The Randy Stephens Band CD Selling for $25. all proceeds (minus $5.00 reproduction cost) will go to The Fallen Riders Memorial Fund- Florida Please watch the following for more information……

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