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The Boys In The Band Are Coming To Town!

| Sande Caplin |

Heads up, Sarasota / Bradenton!  It’s going to be a wild weekend.  Two of my boys are heading into town.  They  are real “rock stars.”

Here is the tentative schedule (Subject to Change and Depends On Their “Nap Time” and Poppy’s “Nap Time!”)

Saturday 5/3
1.    Anna Maria Island Beach–  Their Own Monster Truck Show On The Beach
2.    Swordfish Grill-  “Shirley Temple” cocktails for the boys
3.    Nap Time– For Poppy
4.    McKechnie Field– Mets vs Pirates minor league baseball game
5.    Flying Dog Café– Opening Guitar Act (If they haven’t fallen asleep in the car)

Sunday 5/4
1.    Craeger’s Restaurant– Breakfast
2.    Back to the beach to make sand sculptures
3.    Mote Aquarium
4.    Primo- Ristorante– Dinner (Watch our for flying “Meatballs)
5.    Café Classico– They’re “Gigging” with Kara Nally, Jami Gee & Savannah Brady  (If the boys are still awake!)

Monday 5/5
1.    To Be Announced- Breakfast
2.    Visit Poppy’s new office
3.    The Broadway Bar- Lunch
4.    Kilwin’s Chocolate Store– St. Armans Circle (they might do an autograph signing)
5.    Naps
6.    SRQ Airport– They fly back to Brooklyn for their next Gig


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