The Billy Rice Band CD Release Party, Free to Public

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(Sarasota/Bradenton, FL) – The Billy Rice Band’s CD ‘Just Saying’ will be showcased at the CD Release Party on Friday, Oct. 23 at 7:30 pm at the newly renovated Seafood Shack, 4110 127th St. W. , Cortez, FL (just off Cortez Road) and Billy has opened it up FREE to the public. A gift to his fans, to those who haven’t heard the band, and to the community – the CD’s donations will benefit Manatee Children’s Services.

The ‘Just Saying’ CD is written by Billy Rice and other contributors and performed by Billy and his renowned Americana, Country & Rock 5-piece band.  It’s a true gift packed with inspiration and rockin’ tunes in which to dance and reflect.

Prior to its creation, Billy had major surgery on his neck and the doctor told him he may not be able to sing and perform anymore. Three years later after diligent work on Billy’s part, Billy is back in full force, which inspired him to create this album.

“It was at that point where I was determined, if I could sing again, it was time to create an album for our music family, many that have been with me since  the 70’s,” Rice said. “I’ve been blessed with the gift of music and the people that it has brought into my life.  I hope to share that gift with everyone that I can through this record.”

The album ‘Just Saying’ was recorded in Nashville and inspired by a variety of events in Billy’s life. Back to the USA, one of the CD’s songs, was written after talking to his nephew in Afghanistan, devastated and missing his wife and newborn child. The title track, “I’m Just Saying,” was a phrase he and his girlfriend used to describe their relationship, written by Billy and his son Brian at his home in the Florida Keys.

“I talk to a lot of people who share their life situations with me,” Billy said. “Life inspires. Music transcends.”

The Billy Rice Band could easily be called “The People’s Band.”   You will see with one walk into a local venue where they’re playing to a standing-room-only crowd with a packed dance floor. Between sets, Billy spends his time shaking hands and giving hugs to the fans, ranging in age from 25 to 85. From Americana and Country Rock to Southern Rock, Classics and more, The Billy Rice Band has rocked the crowds at top events and locales throughout the country including Las Vegas and Memphis.

Show up early with your dancing shoes on, and get set for some incredible new Billy Rice Band tunes. Check out the Seafood Shack’s new digs, enjoy some food and drink…’just sayin.’

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