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Suncoast Post Interview with Personal Trainer Extraordinaire, Noel Fayette

| Sande Caplin |

I have known Noel Fayette for quite some time.  About two ½ years ago I contacted her regarding needing help to rebuild my body after receiving a radical prostatectomy, followed by thirty-nine radiation treatments. My body was soft, I had no energy, and I needed direction.  My training with Noel has helped to transform my body, give me more energy and she has taught me how to eat healthy!  Here is my interview with Noel.

SC– Can you tell me about your background and experience as a personal trainer?

NF- I started working out regularly when I turned 20 years old. Realizing that this was an important lifestyle to practice as the benefits clearly outweighed any reason not to. I found myself in the gym at 5:00 am for cardio. Heading to the office at 7:30. My head was much clearer, and my attitude was upbeat. How can you not appreciate these notable results?

Evening came around and I was in the gym lifting those weights. My body was becoming stronger. After a few years of fitness, other opportunities to help others came my way, encouraging teenagers to start to practice healthier lifestyle choices as a youth volunteer was just one example. Many other opportunities followed: Instructing small group classes for court athletes, half marathon training, bootcamps for 50 years and older, spin class instructor, one on one personal training, running a neighborhood bootcamp, Sun n Fun stretch classes for 50 years and older, Sunnyside stretch class, including volunteering weight training instruction for teenagers.

SC- What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

NF- I understand all too well the trials of life and how it can impact a lifestyle. In the midst of your challenge, making excuses to neglect your fitness  paired with poor diet choices leads you repeatedly visiting the physician’s office. Some type of depression usually follows suit.

A life of vitality seems unreachable. Weight management is not considered. This is no way to live out your years. The fight should be because you are winning to make better choices for yourself. 

SC-  What services do you offer as a personal trainer?

NF– Tailored exercise routines to fit your fitness goals.

One on one specialized programs realizing every human being is uniquely made considering specific needs or limitations.

 My client saves time in the grocery store. BodybyNoel is the queen of spices and ingredients. Helping you navigate through endless choices.

BodybyNoel food prep, making healthy dishes to satisfy and defeat cravings.

Teaching clients the importance of food preparation to help maintain ideal weight and improved energy levels.

I teach my clients to read nutritional labels to avoid food sabotage.

Educating my clients about supplements.

Educating clients on exercise principles, lifestyle changes, and offering ongoing support and encouragement to maintain motivation.


SC- How do you customize workout plans for your clients?

NF- The initial assessment involves fitness tests, range of motion, health questionnaires, and discussions about their objectives. In this way a customized plan is then in the making.

SC- What makes your approach to personal training unique?

NF- Paying attention to detail, actively listening to my clients during each session to gain a better understanding of their lifestyle structure. In this way I am able to help guide them to better choices. Offering other ideas such as hobbies or exploring hidden talents to help improve their quality of life. Habits of health, self-enrichment, and social settings are just as important as fitness and nutrition. I am personally present at their door, ready and smiling with a “get to it” attitude. When you are welcomed into a home, I consider it more than a workout session. Becomes more personal in which I can better gain an understanding on how I can assist them better for improved health and fitness. 

Each session is a building block to the next level of progress.

Many of my clients suffer from common age-related issues such as: neuropathy, joint replacement, bone degenerative disease, diseases of the spine, diabetes, paralysis, cancer survivors, arthritis, heart disease, along with your normal wear and tear as one ages.

SC- How do you assess a client’s fitness goals and needs?

NF- The initial assessment involves a fitness test tailored to your specific needs based on your medical history and prior fitness experiences. Including a range of motion assessment, to help achieve appropriate balance and symmetry goals.

SC- Can you provide examples of success stories from your clients?

NF- I am a changed person since working with Noel over the past two years.

When I first met Noel, I was obese according to the BMI scale, lethargic, had severe bone density issues and very little muscle tone.

I can now attest to the fact that as a result of my regular weight training sessions with Noel I am now at a normal BMI weight( having lost over sixty pounds) ,I have renewed energy, my bone density has improved, and I just generally look and feel significantly better.

None of this progress was easy to achieve and I could not have done it without Noel’s guidance and input. I attribute much of my success to her dedication and true interest in my improvement and her tailored approach to our sessions which address both my strengths and my weaknesses.

Her knowledge of anatomy is particularly impressive and has been invaluable as she has helped with my shoulder rehab after my recent  rotator cuff surgery.

In addition to addressing my physical issues and  strength training, she encourages me to maintain a healthy and “clean” diet and makes regular suggestions in that regard.

Finally, Noel is a pleasure to work with, makes our sessions fun and productive and I look forward to my continued journey to improved  health ,strength and nutritional smarts.



SC- What role does nutrition play in your training programs?

NF- Without proper nutrition you are causing a landslide of health issues even without a fitness program to account for. You’re eating habits determine your energy levels, weight management goals, mental clarity, blood sugar levels, heart health, vascular efficiency,  disease management, food addictions, cravings, metabolism condition, and endocrine functions just to name a few important health concerns to avoid in understanding to properly nourish your body.


SC- How do you stay up to date with the latest fitness trends and research?

NF- One might ask which is fiction and which are the facts. Hard to tell if you are not properly informed of basic exercise principles, muscle anatomy, and exercise theories. It is one of my primary goals as a fitness professional to know the difference between fitness fads and actual exercises that promote progress. Staying up to date on certifications continues to build on my present knowledge and past experiences. 

SC- What are the benefits of working with a personal trainer compared to exercising on my own? Accountability: helping you stay consistent with your program.

NF- Progress and proper technique; ensures exercises are performed correctly.

Personal instruction; teaching anatomy when appropriate.

Personal motivation: moving through personal setbacks as we all have experienced from time to time.

I have a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. My clients can contact me anytime with questions regarding their exercise and diet concerns.

A can-do attitude is contagious. I am there to bring the best out of you.

SC- Do you offer one-on-one training sessions, group sessions, or both?

NF- Presently, I offer one on one sessions. I also work with couples.

SC- What is your philosophy when it comes to helping clients achieve their fitness goals?

NF- Achieving small goals equals larger successes.

Fitness is a personal journey. Body awareness takes time with which you are building stronger skills.

Holistic approach: Focusing on overall wellness, considering not just physical fitness but also mental well-being, menu planning, and lifestyle factors.

Knowledge and empowerment: providing clients with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their health and fitness journey.

SC- How do you keep clients motivated and accountable?

NF- I show up at my client’s home with a big smile on my face ready to move muscles with a plan of action. My clients are reminded of milestones and progress. I keep account of where they first started.  Fun to celebrate fitness success together when you consider the starting point. Exercise repetitions and sets are recorded which will keep my clients moving forward. Fitness progress is measured from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. There is always a plan B.

SC- Are your training sessions suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages?

NF- Absolutely.

Although I specialize in clients 50 years and older.

SC- Do you offer any specialized training programs or services, such as weight loss or muscle building?

NF- Each client is unique with many lifestyle factors involved from present to past. Specialized is just that, tailored to you.

Weight loss and weight management is extremely important.

This commitment to change is a discipline that needs to be practiced and applied every day.

Knowledge is key, practice is an applied principle. Determination is realizing bad habits are work to break, possible.

Weight loss takes practice, patience, and knowledge. Finding what works best for you is a collective effort. Weight loss is achievable using reasonable principles that last a lifetime.

SC- What safety measures do you take during training sessions to prevent injuries?

NF- Prehab exercises are always practiced within a client’s session to avoid injuries. Basic stretch techniques are also taught and encouraged to improve a client’s overall body performance. Practicing proper form also avoids injuries, using the proper resistance to reach appropriate progress rather than injury. Encouraging proper hydration during a session to avoid muscle cramps are just a few examples of avoiding fitness injuries.

Continuing to motivate clients to hydrate and nourish their bodies to help aid in recovery after a workout.    

SC- Can you explain your approach to creating a balanced fitness routine?

NF- Strengthening the body as a whole is the ideal goal which includes improving range of motion, proper resistance to improve muscle strength, symmetry exercises ( as everyone tends to use one side of their body more than the other for various reasons), balance training, core strengthening, all the while practicing proper posture and body mechanics. Certain body conditions require patience and practice. I feel it is extremely important to follow doctor recommendations and physical therapy progress. 

SC- How often should someone typically meet with a personal trainer for optimal results?

NF- This question is determined in your initial assessment.

Everyone’s progress and goals are so uniquely different. Lifestyle is also a factor. For example, many of my clients play golf or some type of sport. We start with a practical goal, one that you can commit to and proceed from there. Typically, I will recommend twice a week with the appropriate homework to practice.

SC- What should someone expect during their initial consultation with you?

NF- Questions are asked regarding your fitness history, medical concerns, physical limitations, dietary choices, and exercise knowledge. Activities of daily living are also important. Then we discuss your fitness and lifestyle goals. It is important to build a trusting and transparent professional relationship with each client. The initial consultation is the first step in doing so. 

How can I get started?  Go to my websiteContact Us through our website, or email to: .     

Look for my new book to be released in the near future, “Not Another Diet Book.”

See you soon, Noel!

Photos from Noel Fayette

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