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Summer Camp in Sarasota County Is for Adults Too

Summer Camp in Sarasota County Is for Adults Too

| Laura Bell Adams |

Summer, summer, summertime!  Has this been a quick six months, or what?  It seems we were all just wishing each other a beautiful time with our families ahead of Christmas and New Year and here we are, ready to sink our toes in the sand every gorgeous summer day we can.  Are your kids already in lazy day mode, where every test they take is akin to having teeth removed without anesthesia?  And, how about the adults? 

Have you guys had about enough of permission slips and year end requests for money?  Can we just all meet somewhere and have giant margaritas, please, while we contemplate what to do with the kids this summer?  Or, better yet, how about we figure out a way for our kids AND us to have fun at the same venues, allowing for more fun, and less time in the car.  Grab your sunscreen, and a little zest for some adventure, because those of us tired of adulting are headed to summer camp right along with the kids.

Nathan Benderson Park has Beginner Rowing classes.If you’re looking for organized activities in a beautiful surrounding, head to the vortex of Sarasota, Nathan Benderson Park.  City planners and local developers certainly had a cohesive plan for a small city when their vision included butting UTC up to NBP.  Add in centralized bus stations, upscale hotels, great restaurants, a mall that still causes traffic backups on 75 from people clamoring for expensive finds and a park worthy of world-class rowers, and you have everything you could ever need in one spectacular spot.  NBP is offering several classes for you and your kiddos this summer.  You both could try Beginner Rowing classes or RC boating, or they could break off for the Youth Aquatics Summer Camp while you enjoy a nice run around the lake, a quiet sit with a good book on any number of benches under a tree, or, enjoy some window shopping at nearby UTC.  Please visit for more information on park programs.

Your budding actors have an opportunity to hone their crafts under the impressive tutelage of industry professionals at this summer’s Sarasota Film Festival Film Camps offered for children ages 7-17.  With themed weeks such as “Spielberg,” “Hitchcock,” “YouTube,” “Star Wars,” and “Kurosawa,” everyone’s favorite genre is fulfilled.  Half day options, featuring film production, or a full day which includes both film production and an afternoon of viewing film classics followed by film history and analysis are available.  For more information, please visit As for the adults, the location of the film camp puts you next to the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport where, no, they aren’t having a summer camp, but you do have a couple of interesting choices.  You could A.) hop on a quick flight to see your best friend while your spouse picks up the kids, or, B.) which puts you right in the center of the action for plane “spotting.” SRQ’s airport is unique in that there are locations along Old Bradenton Road where you can park, get out of your car, and experience the rush of huge jetliners landing and taking off right over your head.  It’s a thing, just check out the crowds that gather there.  Then, when you’re done, head on down to Sarasota Jungle Gardens or take a tour of The Ringling, which is free on Mondays. There is something special about exploring these historical gems by yourself, at a leisurely pace.   

A nature walk through a park.Lastly, if you are looking for a one-stop-shop for camp information, please visit Sarasota County’s 2018 Summer Camp guide at Here you will find a comprehensive plan for your summer, encompassing your children in grades 1 through 12.  From sports, gaming, crafts, history, arts, cooking and even specialized camps like Robotics and Remote Systems Ops, there are camps to fit your science enthusiast and your unicorn keeper.  If you live in the area, then you know our county and state parks are just gorgeous, and oftentimes put you on or near the water where you have vistas our northern friends can only dream of.  So, why not volunteer to guide a nature walk, or If it’s been awhile, throw your bike in the trunk and head out for a beautiful bike ride while the kids are in camp.  Gawk at gators, kayak through the hammocks, paddleboard over aqua blue waters, ride on an airboat…these are all things you can in Sarasota County parks, while your kids are doing their own thing.  

We hope both you and your children enjoy summer camp and discover the history and splendor that is a part of Sarasota County.  

Photos courtesy of depositphotos.

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