Streets of Paradise in Sarasota, FL Has Some Remarkable News

Important information here from the team at Streets of Paradise.  This is from their Facebook Page.  Your donations are greatly appreciated!

***UPDATE*** In memorial and honor of an amazing woman, Therese Marie Thayer, we have been gifted up to $20,000 in matching funds to help in completing this goal. In utter gratitude!

GUESS WHAT?! GUESS WHAT?! GUESS WHAT?! Magic and LOVE happened! We have been gifted the money to order our very own shower trailer with ADA compatibility! So many of you have generously contributed $15k so far and the rest was given by a single donor!! There are not enough words to express our gratitude to the community for making this happen! The shower trailer will be here in approximately 6-8 weeks (more updates as they come).

Here is where we need your help in completing the magic-we need $30k to purchase the truck, the washer and dryer, the wrap, a power washer and delivery of the trailer. This is a matching ask from the one donors gift to get it on the street and to our family who NEEDS this service.



The truck will be a dual purpose tool for SOP in that we will be able to do twice the moves with two teams.

We have so very much to celebrate as we complete our 200th move this weekend and with another 100 moves scheduled for this month, all in 1 year and all because of you! YOU are magic makers! Thank you for making this happen.

If you would like to donate and be a part of this amazing gift, please donate online at or call us at 620.481.0446 if you have any questions. As always you are treasured! We love you!!


Photo from Streets of Paradise Facebook Page

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