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Slicker's Eatery

Coming Soon, Slicker’s Eatery in Cortez, Florida- It’s Going to Be Very Special

| Sande Caplin |

The word is out!  A very unique and special new restaurant will be opening soon in Cortez, Florida.  It’s going to be a labor of love with a really fresh exciting menu, craft cocktails, eclectic plates, good vibes and so much more.

The fishing village of Cortez, Florida is a close-knit community.  Everyone knows everyone!  There is so much “buzz” talk going on about Slicker’s Eatery.  Owner, Bob Slicker is very well known in the community.  Everyone knows Bob!  I have known Bob for many years, and we have worked together on many projects, marketing ideas and charity events. 

Slicker’s Eatery From Concept to Reality

When Bob told me that he planned on opening a new restaurant, I was so excited for him!  His own restaurant!  We sat down and he explained his plan.  Oh, what a plan!  First things first and a logo became the number 1 priority.  Bob’s daughter, Molly Slicker and I have worked together for several years.  She is a contributing writer and social media specialist for the Suncoast Post.  Molly, along with my partner James Newton of Sande Caplin & Associates collaborated back and forth for several weeks and many hours going over different designs, colors and layouts.  They knew that a “brand” was being built.  The photo at the top of this story is the finished product…. A labor of love.  Local, well-known resident, Rose Lipke, owner of CozArt Designs took the logo and custom-made the signs.

There is so much more to share about Slicker’s Eatery.  A new website is being developed by our team.  Gift cards will be going on sale soon.

More information about the opening date and special “opening events” will be announced soon.  Check back every day on Slicker’s Eatery FACEBOOK page and The Suncoast Post.

Interested in joining the team?  They are interviewing  “in person”.  Come in and fill out an application.

Slicker’s Eatery
12012 Cortez Rd West
Cortez, FL 34215
941 251-9428

New Website Coming Soon!

Suncoast Post Photos

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