Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa Temporarily Closed

From the folks at Skipper’s Smokehouse posting on Facebook

Effective today and for the unforeseeable future, Skipper’s Smokehouse is CLOSED. We will continue to post updates to social media as a reopen date becomes available.

Why are we closing?

This morning, the Skipper’s Smokehouse ownership and management have been notified that one of our employees was alerted through contact tracing that they may have been exposed to COVID-19. This, in addition to our carefully watching the numbers of positive cases and trends rise dramatically over the course of the past several days, we feel closing immediately is the most socially responsible thing for us to do to keep not only our staff but our patrons as safe as we possibly can. At this time, NONE of our staff have tested positive for COVID-19, but the contact trace alert is concerning to us.

What can you expect before we reopen?

It will be required that ALL employees that work on site be tested for COVID-19 and be symptom free before returning to work. In addition to that, we will be performing extra deep cleaning processes during the closure and upon reopening.

We have worried this day would arrive for us and it has. There comes a time when being socially responsible and putting health, wellbeing, and safety above business as almost usual is the absolute right thing to do. A monetary amount, good times, delicious meals, and tasty cocktails will never be more valuable than your life to us. Therefore, we are erring on the side of extreme safety in this case.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns our patrons might have. Again, NO ONE has tested positive on our staff. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us at

We love you all so much. We appreciate just shy of four decades of your support. Now, we ask that those who disagree with this decision respect our choice to be socially responsible. Peace, Love, Good Health & Oysters

Photo from Skipper’s Smokehouse Facebook page.

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