Savannah Brady

Savannah Brady & Her All Star Band

Savannah Brady & Her All Star Band

Laurie and I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd Annual “Food and Wine on Pine,” on Anna Maria Island on Saturday. It was the first time we ever attended this great event. Fabulous food, lot’s of street vendors, awesome beverages and great music. It was an all day event. The main reason for going is that I heard that Savannah Brady and the Jimi Gee “All Stars” were going to be playing.

We got to the fair about 3:30 and immediately went looking for Savannah and her folks, Tom and Jodie. Savannah spotted Laurie first and greeted us both with that awesome Savannah smile and a big hug. Her question……are you guys going to listen to me sing?  My first thought was to say “no, just stopping by for a beer and a hot dog” but I couldn’t do it. “Of course we are here to listen to you sing!” Her smile was from ear to ear!Savannah Brady All Star Band

Savannah and the “All Stars” were amazing. In fact, they drew a standing room only crowd to the tent where they were playing. The folks who gathered heard some awesome music and were really appreciative as they filled the tip bucket to the top!  

I first met Savannah about 6 months ago. Since then she has been really making a name for herself around town performing at several of our local venues, playing with Kara Nally and being a part of “Ladies Sing the Blues.” Not quite 15…she will be in July, Savannah is very special to me and her folks are two of the nicest, warmest folks you will ever meet. Savannah, is an awesome bass guitar player and violinist extraordinaire . She is also the lead singer for her band.

Sande Caplin and Laurie MirkinA great future lies ahead for this lovely young lady. With Tom and Jodie Brady guiding her every step of the way, the potential is unlimited. Watch the Sarasota Post this summer. There is something very special in the planning for Savannah. Sorry, no hints. You’ll just have to wait and see! 

Stay tuned for future “Savannah” updates!

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