Sarasota Police Collect more than 30 Firearms at ‘Done with the Gun’ Turn-In Event

The Sarasota Police Department collected 31 firearms, seven BB guns, a crossbow, and various types of ammunition during the ‘Done with a Gun’ turn-in event held on Saturday, January 22, 2022.  There were two drop-off locations: Sarasota Police Headquarters and the Sarasota Police Substation.

“We consider Saturday’s ‘Done with the Gun’ turn-in event a huge success,” said Sarasota Police Interim Chief Rex Troche.  “More than 30 firearms will be disposed of properly and stay out of the hands of children and possible criminals.  Our community came forward to responsibly dispose of firearms and ammunition, thereby eliminating the risk of theft, misuse, or accidental discharge.  This is another way we’re committed to keeping the City of Sarasota a safe place to live, work, and play,” said Troche.

Firearms that were turned in included an AK-47, Semi-Automatic Shotgun, a Desert Eagle with two magazines of ammunition, and four boxes of 22 Long Rifle ammunition.  All firearms and ammunition collected will be destroyed by a certified vendor that specializes in destroying firearms.  All firearms collected were run through a law enforcement database to ensure they had not been reported stolen or used in a crime.  None of the firearms collected on Saturday were reported stolen or used in a crime.  Several photos are attached.

If residents were unable to attend Saturday’s ‘Done with the Gun’ turn-in event, the Sarasota Police Department accepts unwanted firearms year-round.  If residents have unwanted firearms or ammunition, they can call the Sarasota Police Department Property Unit at 941-263-6040 to arrange an appointment.  Additional information can be found HERE.

Photo from Sarasota Police Department

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