Sarasota Film Festival Launches New Website

Sarasota Film Festival Launches New Website

One of the biggest events of the year takes place in Sarasota, Florida from April 5-14, 2019… The Sarasota Film Festival. The event features over 200 independent films, fabulous parties, movie stars, educational programs and so much more. And, this year the news is even bigger as a new website has been rolled out!

For the 7th year in a row, the team at Sande Caplin and Associates is working together with The Sarasota Film Festival. The new website is state of the art with all of the latest technology. Visitors can go on-line to view updated news about the festival, press-releases, Facebook updates, purchase tickets to events and so much more.


Lead by Festival Education Director, Paul Ratner who worked closely with the “Associates Team,” the project was developed in a very short time-frame! “There were several sleepless nights leading up to the launch to make sure everything went smooth” according to Sande Caplin who coordinated with his team and Paul to make sure everything went okay!

Updates and changes to the website are on-going so check back regularly at

For more information about Sande Caplin and Associates, visit their website.

Photo from Sarasota Film Festival Website

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