Roser Aid Food Pantry on Anna Maria Island is Helping Employees & Staff on Anna Maria Island & Cortez

Roser Aid Food Pantry on Anna Maria Island is Helping Employees & Staff on Anna Maria Island & Cortez

Anna Maria Island, Cortez, Bradenton Beach- Roser Food Pantry, located at 511 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, is making non-perishable food items and paper products available to employees and staff of the Anna Maria Island & Cortez businesses that have been adversely affected by our Red Tide disaster!

To qualify, have your affected employees and/or staff call Roser at 941-778-0414 and tell the Roser staff/volunteer that they would like to sign up for the Food Pantry. A Roser staff/volunteer will assign them a day and time to come in where they can select a grocery bag full of non-perishable food items and/or paper products from their shelves. This is limited to 1 grocery bag per person, per week and a great way to help those who have been laid off, have had their hours cut, or have otherwise been adversely affected due to our Red Tide occurrence.

Please make certain your affected employess and staff are made aware of this program! Have them bring either a pay stub or a letter from the employer showing they are/were employed by one of the island or Cortez businesses when they go to Roser for their appointed time.

Roser is also accepting non-perishable food items, paper products and monetary donations from anyone who would like to help them keep their shelves stocked for the island and Cortez employees, staff and all others in need of their service.

And don’t forget to make certain your neighboring businesses are made aware, in case they did not receive this email. Every little bit helps!

From the Roser Food Pantry Website:  The food pantry at Roser Church is the one place on Anna Maria lsland where people experiencing financial hardship can come to receive free groceries. Assisted by generous donations from concerned individuals, other Island churches, and civic organizations, a dedicated corps of volunteers and church staff members gather, sort, package, and distribute over a hundred bags of groceries each month during these difficult economic times.

Thank you to the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce for sharing this important information to it’s members.

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