Rose Lipke Just Raised the Bar in the Village of Cortez, Florida

Rose Lipke Just Raised the Bar in the Village of Cortez, Florida

I first want to say that my friend, Rose Lipke is a gem!  She is truly one of a kind.  A wonderful mom and special grandma and, of course, a very talented artist.  Now, for those of you who are close to Rose, you know that she can be a bit head-strong and quirky, but no one can dispute the fact of her love for Cortez!

Rose’s talent for art and sculpture are second to none. She is also a very talented writer as I can attest to from her stories on the Sarasota Post.

My pal has presented a special gift to the Village of Cortez.  She has painted a mural, “Welcome to Cortez”, on a wall at the Village Center.  Local residents and Village Center owners, Jane and Rocky Von Hahmann commissioned Rose to paint the mural and it is absolutely fabulous.

Watch Rose’s time-lapse on YouTube-

I am proud to call Rose a friend.  Her passion for her work is truly inspirational and it’s an honor to know her.  Cortez is also truly blessed to have Rose a part of everyday life.  

Take a ride and check out the beautiful mural.  When you see Rose, tell her “congratulations on a job well done”. 

Rose is the owner of Coz Art.  Visit her “COZ ART” Facebook page-

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