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Lauren Mitchell

Our Own Lauren Mitchell… Heading North on Her First Tour!

| Sande Caplin |

It’s was about two years ago when I first heard Lauren Mitchell sing.  I immediately knew that she would become someone very special in the local music scene and beyond.  She had a quality that not very many singers have, and that is Star Quality.  We met in person a couple of months later to discuss a charity event for breast cancer that was to be held at the Flying Dog Cafe.  I asked Lauren if she would sing and she jumped at the opportunity.  That was the day that I agreed, with much excitement, to have my company build a website for the Lauren Mitchell Band.

Let’s fast forward almost 2 years.  The Lauren Mitchell Band has taken the state of Florida by storm!  It’s been a wild ride….some ups, some downs, some tears and lots of laughs and good times.  Lauren and I have one big thing in common…..we’re both “Taureans” and believe me, we’ve bumped heads several times over the last 24 months.  At the same time, there was always a comforting and guiding force…..”Mama Kim.”  I grew to love “mama” and she was certainly a calming spirit for Lauren & me.   Our phone conversations would last for hours and before hanging up, she would always say “Sande take a deep breath.”  As most of you know, we lost Kim Foy this week and that was a tough blow.   I’ll say this- I learned a lot from Kim and she was a  stabilizing influence in Lauren’s life.  I swear, the last couple of mornings when I woke up I heard her say “Sande breathe deep before you start the day.”  Miss you so much, Kim.

Some news…….The new Lauren Mitchell Band CD is doing great and can be purchased on the website and,  now for  some really big news.  You heard it here first!….  Lauren & the Band are Lauren Mitchell Band CDgoing on tour in May.  The “Please Come Home Tour” will start in Florida, move through North Carolina and Ohio, and…… Are you ready for this?  CANADA!  Yes, The Lauren Mitchell Band is going international.  Congratulations to Lauren and  the band.  How awesome!

FYI- Lauren’s full tour schedule can now be seen on her newly updated website.  We’re so proud of the site and feel it is one of our best.  She also has a new Electronic Press Kit on the site.  Check out Lauren’s tour schedule  at:

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