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New Op-Ed Section Coming to The Suncoast Post, and We Need Your Submissions

| Sande Caplin |

The Suncoast Post loves bringing you the latest news, events, and other interesting articles from around our amazing communities. To further keep the communication open and vibrant with the community and world at large, we are starting a new Op-Ed section on The Suncoast Post website for Op-Ed pieces done by you, the reader. Whether you are a retiree, a newcomer to the area, or a seasoned resident with something to share. We invite everyone to submit articles for consideration in this new area.

What type of articles?

We’re specifically looking for stories from the first-person perspective or informative pieces you may have unique knowledge of. Feel free to share your thoughts on the latest local and national news, viral social media moments, relationships, health, and many other things that affect our culture and invoke discussion. Sorry, NO POLITICS, NO RELIGION.

 Yes, we want your opinions and well-researched articles to inform others and get topics important to our communities to a wider audience. Please remember that profanity and other offensive, discriminatory language. These items do not lend themselves to the story and cannot be published. We are a community paper with a wide range of readers. We ask that you keep that in mind when discussing sensitive topics while still writing from your heart.

How many words?

We ask that the op-eds are about 500 to 1,000 words. Please ensure that the idea is fully formed and the story is complete, so we will try to accommodate it if it is outside the range.

Op-Ed Pictures or Graphics?

Please include any graphics or images that you like and a title for the article. We may try to optimize your story and reserve the right to change the cover image or tweak the title but try to keep the story in your words and tone of voice. Remember, we want to ensure your stories get read and invoke discussion and, in some cases, needed action.

How to submit?

Please send your completed story in a Word document or PDF file to Attach all supporting images, along with tagline information for yourself, the author, and the spelling of your name as you want it to appear.

Will it be edited?

Our editors are careful not to alter a writer’s opinions or “voice,” but all op-eds are edited for clarity, grammar, and organization. If an excessively long piece is turned in, it can be shortened for publication on the website. They are also fact-checked and copy edited for grammar and style to ensure a great read from start to finish.

We live in amazing gulf coast communities with some of the prettiest sceneries. These communities house great writers, politicians, sports individuals, and everyday residents. We want to hear from each of you about what keeps you up at night, what you are passionate about, and what you think more people need to know about today. Let’s engage, connect and energize others in our community through these new op-ed articles.

We look forward to hearing from you. Get ready for some great topics and hopefully robust conversations, Suncoast!

Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

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