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Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio

New Music Video For Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio

| Sande Caplin |

For Immediate Release

Subject- New Music Video for Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio
From:  Tony LeClerc

MORE exciting news!  Thanks to our partners at Sande Caplin & Associates, Inc., Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio’s next music video is finally being made! It will be for our song “Happy State” and will again be shot by creative geniuses Shawn Bowen and Jeremy Lembo, the boys behind the cameras for our hugely successful video “My hate is real.”   We are in pre production right now! (Which means Sande Caplin said “do it” and Shawn and Jeremy said “ok”) The first video got almost 20,000 views in under four months before “someone” had it taken off the web. You can still see it though on our killer website and at YouTube.

Just like with the last one we will be doing a LIVE one hour chat immediately following the WORLD PREMIER to hear what all you lovely people think of it!  We will post a link to the live chat in a Facebook event page as soon as we wrap the video!   And for those of you in our immediate area that would like to watch the world premier together with us we’re going to throw us a little HAPPY STATE video launch party somewhere cool! This is going to be GREAT!

Twinkle Yochim

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