Movie Reviews on The Sarasota Post by “Whose Review”

Movie Reviews on The Sarasota Post by “Whose Review”

The staff at The Sarasota Post is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with “Whose Review” and we’ll be sharing their NO Spoiler movie review(s) every weekend. Check out this link for reviews that are already posted:

Here’s the story about their awesome team:

Jennifer Cascardo received a late-night phone call in the fall of 2017 form her business partner Kenny Heidt. He was urgently calling her concerning their friend, Trevis Waters, who was having a mental break down and needed to be rushed to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed Trevis with multiple personality disorder. Kenny and Jennifer were worried, but the doctors offered a cure: as long as Trevis went to different movies every week, the multiple personalities would be kept in check. From that diagnoses and treatment method, Kenny, Jennifer, and Trevis came up with a concept for a multiple personality review show on YouTube. Trevis’ five personalities would review the movies he saw each week. Trevis is doing much better now the he has a weekly movie review schedule to adhere to.

That’s certainly how it could have happened… but here’s another way.

Whose Review was started in 2017 when the founding partners – Kenny, Jennifer, and Trevis – were at the Sugar Beach Digital office discussing their favorite movies. They were discussing how difficult it is to recommend movies to people because everyone has their own individual taste in what defines a good movie. They noted that they needed to cater their review style depending on who they were talking to, almost like having multiple personalities for each review… and the seed of an idea was planted.

They set forth on creating a YouTube movie review channel that would review movies from different perspectives based on genres. Trevis got to work perfecting ten characters that could give their views on movies. Jennifer and Kenny got to work setting up the channel and the marketing strategies. After months of focusing their vision, they finally arrived at the five characters that there are today: Jarvis, Dorian, Norman, Tony, and Bud.

They officially launched in January of 2018 and have been putting out new movie reviews every week. Sometimes they will review a few movies a week or sometimes just the big, Friday-night blockbuster. Either way, each character is going to give their unique perspective on the movie, which hopefully fulfills the founders’ original vision of reviews catered to different tastes in movies.

Looking to the future, Whose Review will be expanding to cover other entertainment topics, including video games and television. Stay up to date by subscribing to the Whose Review YouTube channel, liking Whose Review on Facebook, and following Whose Review on Instagram.

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