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More Essential Info on Thunder by the Bay

| Sande Caplin |

Tim Techandphoto posted this on Facebook and has given us permission to share on The Sarasota Post.

City leaders need to consider the “big” picture and not look at Thunder By The Bay as a burden on City resources. This is the same charity that pulls the permits and finds funding to pay for July 4th Bayfront Fireworks, the Holiday Boat Parade of Lights, and New Year’s Eve Fireworks.

All events paid and done for the community NOT by the city but by Suncoast Charities for Children, though the city leaders will NEVER tell you that..I bet you didn’t know that did you? Maybe securing over $60,000 in sponsorship to produce these events is a burden to the charity and they need to step back and NOT provide these community events that hundreds of thousands have enjoyed for years.

I am asking all of my friends to share this,  PLEASE.  This IS important to me. You all know me as someone who has given back..and if you have read this then i have probably GIVEN to PLEASE..for the kids who benefit from the hard work that Lucy Nicandri and Suncoast Charities for Children does copy the above and post ..thank you.

We welcome your comments below.  Thank you.

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