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Minnie’s Beach Café

Minnie’s Beach Café in Holmes Beach Desperately Needs Your Help

| Suncoast Post Staff |

The wonderful folks at Minnie’s Beach Café are in financial trouble and need your help.  It’s locals helping locals.  Here are 2 Facebooks post explaining their dilemma.  Please help if you can.  Go Fund Me Page.

Facebook Post #1
This is probably the hardest thing I’ve Ever done, throwing away my pride. We are currently in serious financial trouble. The nearly three years of construction, the rise in food costs and rent, the now construction on the building itself, and finally, my personal health. I am home recovering from major surgery, and on another medical issue, radiation. I am not asking to be a zillionaire, I just want to keep Minnies up and running, yes, for Mary and me, for the best staff anyone could ask for, and for all of you that have considered Minnies home. Believe me, we even tried to borrow on our home. We can’t as Mary and I have been unable to take a paycheck for two years, so we have no income, but for my social security. We have depleted our retirement account to try and hold on until all the construction is done and maybe, just maybe, go back to normal!

Minnie’s Beach Café

Facebook Post #2
This is Kathy Smart. Mary Doub and I are the owners of Minnie’s Beach Cafe’. I never thought I would have a need to do this, but I’m afraid it is time to put my pride aside and try to save one of the last “mom & pop” establishments left on Anna Maria Island. Due to the construction by the town and county, that was meant to be finished in three months, and has gone on for three years, we are in financial trouble. Mary and I have depleted our savings, and not taken a paycheck in two years. This is our last shot. We cannot borrow against our home as we have no income.

I have been out of work completely for two months as I am home recovering from major surgery and radiation. This is for Minnie’s, ourselves, our employees, and all of you who have come to call Minnies “home” over the past 25 years.

Please DONATE HERE what you can to help these wonderful folks.

Photo from Facebook

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