Meredith Garofalo

Meredith Garofalo- New Opportunities

Meredith Garofalo, New Opportunities
by Laurie Mirkin

I spoke to Meredith yesterday, and I have to say that she can talk!  That makes my job so much easier, so I appreciate that, and Meredith has already done so much in her young life that I could barely keep up trying to write it all down.  Thanks, Meredith.

We talked about her love of music, which started when she was just a little girl.  She loved being in several different choirs as a young girl, and has taken acting lessons and participated in plays and musicals. She says she feels like a lot of her musical influence came from her grandfather, who had an accordion band.  I asked her if she’d be interested in acting, and I was surprised when she said she is seriously considering joining a local theatre company.  I can easily see where she’d be perfect for theatre.Meredith is from Cleveland, Ohio.  She’s got family there and also in New Port Richey. She has a younger sister who is 24, and her parents are both residing in Cleveland. Meredith told me she has worked in Ohio, Indiana, South Dakota and Florida, building her television career.  She has moved too many times and is happy to call Sarasota her home.  Her experience with ABC,Channel 7 in Sarasota, Florida, having come to a close, leaves her with time to really discover her surroundings and do everything she had no time to do before.

I was telling Meredith how fabulous she looks and she told me that TLS Weight Loss Solutions had a 3 month weight loss challenge, which she actually won, having  the 1st Place Prize awarded to her in Miami.  She gives a lot of credit for her success to family, friends, and “Team Garofalo” which consists of TLS Weightloss coach Tamara Nazworth, personal trainer Kristi Schalch Gutierrez, and marketing consultant Tim Schalch.    After that experience, which obviously was a success, Meredith decided to become a TLS Coach for other people who struggle with their weight, which is a way to give back what was freely given to her, and encourages anyone to contact her that might be looking to also make a lifestyle change because she is more than happy to help.  

Her plan right now is to fill in as a singer in a friend’s band, work out and keep in shape, and be open to a new opportunity that will take her in a different direction.  We’re happy that Meredith can again be part of Ladies Sing the Blues on March 26th.  Thanks, Meredith for always helping out and benefitting the community.

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