Mattison's maskerade contest

Mattison’s “MASK”erade Contest in Bradenton & Sarasota

This contest is all Paull Mattison’s idea! It is nice to see so many people being safe and following the recommended safety protocols. For many, this means wearing a mask. All staff at Mattison’s Restaurants are required to wear masks. But Chef Paul Mattison says that doesn’t mean the masks have to be plain or boring. So, while we are still being asked to wear masks, Mattison’s is having a Mask Contest to add a little lightness and fun to the situation.

The designs of the masks people are coming up with seem endless. Even people’s personalities are shining through the designs of the masks they choose to wear. A person’s mask can tell a lot about that person. Are they animal lovers, gardeners, vegetarians, are they artistic or into a certain type of music, or does their mask reveal their hobby or favorite vacation spot? It has become a conversation starter even if you can’t see their lips move.

Winner receives gift card

One winner will be chosen every day to receive a $25 Mattison’s Gift Card. Guests can wear their own uniquely decorated mask or Mattison’s will supply them with a mask and markers to decorate while they are dining. Guests can simply post the photos to Mattison’s Facebook page and/or Instagram page or tag one of the Mattison’s Restaurants, to be considered for the prize. Enter as often as you wish. Winners will be posted each week.

Each restaurant has its own Facebook page so it is up to the guests where they post their photo.
Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille
Mattison’s City Grille
Mattison’s Forty-One
For more information contact Caryn Hodge at 941-713-3105.

Photo from Mattison’s Restaurants and Catering.

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