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Mark Burrow and Pete Hunsader, Every Day People

I am not a person who grew up in Sarasota and have only been here two years.  In that time I’ve discovered that Sarasota is a great city for so many reasons, one being the amount of fund raising and charitable events you find going on every weekend.  I have come to know the standout people who organize these necessary events but I had never heard of Hunsader Farm and all the wonderful work they do.  And yesterday, I met Mark Burrow on the phone, and between Mark and Pete Hunsader, so many folks in the community benefit from what these two great men think is what you have to do, every day, to take care of our community.

I got off the phone with Mark and I was literally speechless.  It convicted me about having free time and two arms and legs that work (the brain is questionable at times) and why aren’t I there helping?  Let’s talk about what Mark told me. One of the organizations Hunsader’s and Mark Burrow’s supports with activities, family days and food is the Sertoma Organization.  Mark concentrates on the Chief Promoter and Photographer of these events, however he has his hands in the mix 7 days a week.  The cause  for this particular Sertoma event is to get funds for hearing aids for students who want to continue their educations.  A little bit about what Sertoma does concerning the hearing impaired.

Peter Hunsader“Today over 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from some kind of hearing loss. With our technological life style, that number continues to grow. Once hearing loss occurs, it cannot be restored. We can imitate it with hearing devices, but it will never be as clear or concise as it once was. After hearing is lost it becomes one of the most expensive parts of life to maintain. Some insurance companies will pay for testing or will give discounts on equipment, but many will not pay a dime. Our passion is to create a world where everyone who chooses, can hear us. And our passion will compel us to raise awareness of our cause, educate those willing to understand, and support those who need our support. Hearing health needs allies and advocates, educators and healers. Sertoma communities share the common belief that attention paid to hearing health adds quality to lives and communities.”

What Mark and Pete did for the last event for Sertoma was to provide a beautiful spot for the event, have lots of fun events, free food and drinks, family activities and snacks available for hungry kids all day.  Some of these activities could be horse back riding, nature activities, games, and everyone’s invited. Money is made to donate to shelters for food, clothing and supplies.  Mark also has special events, participates in the Special Olympics, brings events sponsored by Chic-a-filet who sends a cow, bungee jumping, and so much more.  There are charitable events where 5 bands have played and everyone is invited to dance and have a ball.  What impressed me about Mark was what he said- “We take on ANY charity in the area.  We are here 7 days a week and this is our life.  We love it!”

Mark BurrowThere are free activities every weekend for a wholesome place to take your kids or just bring yourself.  Generally there is horseback riding, cookouts, family fun day and camping.  This is a lot of hard work and they make it available to families without charge.  Wow!  I was thinking how I don’t know anywhere in the country where this wholesome family fun is available for free.  I’m speechless.

Mark and Peter Hunsader are working on getting the Republican National Party’s Family picnic to take places at Hunsader’s.  Can you imagine?  We wish you luck with that.  A boon to our popularity as well as our economy.  These guys can make anything happen, so it would not surprise me if it comes off!

Sertoma OrganizationMark said they canceled the Haunted Holiday Halloween scary tour because it was not for the weak-hearted and they felt it was for the best.  What I really want to say, in closing is that Mark Burrow has kids, Pete Hunsader has a farm to run, and yet these two saints give 90 percent of their time to benefit the diseases, disabilities and the needs of those less fortunate.  My heart was so touched by this that I’m thinking I should volunteer to help really soon.  Thank you, Mark Burrow and Pete Hunsader for your selfless and untiring dedication to making a better world.  I salute you both!

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