Manatee County Fair, Don’t Miss the Fun

Manatee County Fair, Don’t Miss the Fun

My friend and photographer extraordinaire, Jack Elka invited me yesterday to fly with him over Cortez, Bradenton and Palmetto. I met him at Dolphin Aviation in Sarasota where we met our captain and boarded the Cessna 172. It a very compact single engine plane.

Oh, what an experience. Jack has been doing aerial photo work (he is also one of the best portrait and wedding photographers) for over 30 years! He really knows what he is doing!

Aerial View of Cortez, Florida by Jack ElakWe headed to Cortez where he got some great photos, went around Bradenton and then we flew over the Manatee County Fair. This was very cool. When you view the fair from 1000 feet it looks and feels totally different than when you’re on the ground.

And, speaking of the Manatee County Fair, don’t miss the fun. The fair is a showcase for the best of Manatee County. This year’s fair features exciting exhibits and vendors, livestock shows and auctions, competitions, a thrill-packed midway, a variety of great entertainment and, of course, fair food — all packed into ten days and nights. Come celebrate Manatee County and the warmth of the community.

The fair is located at 1303 17th St. West in Palmetto, FL. It runs through Sunday, January 12. For more information:

Thanks Jack Elka for a very special day!

photos from Jack Elka / Jack Elka Photography



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