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Looking for Our Next SUPERSTAR!

| Angela Naff |

Not many people get to add Superstar to their resume, but now you have the chance. Looking to help grow companies with your words, develop marketing graphics, and engage with our dynamic community, all while padding your resume. Well, now you have a chance to learn from one of the best in the business here on the Suncoast and carve out a name for yourself in the meantime with some of the best businesses our communities have to offer.

Superstars are, by definition, high-profile and extremely successful performers or athletes. In this business, the high profile is the name of the game, and getting to be someone who can craft amazing SEO, turn pictures into stories, and even engage with our community to network and strengthen organizations will make you a superstar of tomorrow. This might be the perfect opportunity for you. Sande Caplin of Sande Caplin and Associates is seeking to mentor someone through an internship program in 2021. If we have your attention, continue for more details and see if this checks all your boxes, and then email your name for consideration.

Superstar Skill Set

Having a strong online presence for everyone, from restaurants to service providers, has become necessary in this day and age. Knowing how to best utilize all the tools at your disposal to develop, design, and then market through websites, social media, blogging, and other tools is critical for those entering this vital job market. Of course, like every job, experience counts when competing against a huge pool of applicants for a much smaller group of jobs. Internships have become popular to gain experience in relevant niches and give an edge in your future career endeavors. Some even find an internship can open doors to opportunities and passions you never knew you possessed that might flip that career potential to a new field.

As many already know, Sande is a local figure around these parts from his involvement in many events, local music scene, and community outreach opportunities. Additionally, many local businesses have come to know him for the amazing web designs his company produces through Sande Caplin and Associates. He has the business acumen to take the vision businesses from various verticals, along with his associates, and turn that vision into a website that perfectly tells that business’s story and draws new visitors like flies to honey.

Learning from the Best

After years of honing his digital marketing expertise backed up by great networking, Sande has a plethora of knowledge that he is looking to share. Now, of course, this is not free without anything from you. Bring a hunger to learn, eagerness to try new things, and desire to roll up your sleeves and work while learning. Whether flying drones to capture local events, helping develop a website, writing SEO content for Sande’s other baby, The Suncoast Post, the experience here will add to your resume wonderfully. Additionally, there will be extended opportunities to include stipends for some of the work done during this internship and discussed during the interview process.

Whether you are someone looking for a new career path or possibly a student who needs to supplement classroom learning with some real work experience, this could be the opportunity for you. Please submit a resume along with a short description of what you think makes you the best candidate for this opportunity to Don’t miss out on the opportunity to finally break into the digital marketing world and have some fun learning more about our fabulous Suncoast along the way.

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