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LeBarge: Cruising Sarasota Bay for 30 Years

LeBarge: Cruising Sarasota Bay for 30 Years

| Sande Caplin |

As we transition from spring into summer, it is a great time to take stock of the wonderful attributes we enjoy by living here.  First off, can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that our daily ride to work has been made less stressful by the absence of our northern friends? 

We love them, that is for sure, but we also love to see their varied license plates making their way back home.  Now, instead of hands clenched tightly on the wheel and eyes darting between traffic and the clock reminding us we are late as we drive along Fruitville Road, our commutes are a bit more enjoyable.  

Summer means family vacations, late mornings with the kiddos eating pancakes and watching Netflix, long days at the beach, and, as temperatures rise, Floridians search for ways to remain cool and active in the scorching heat.  Getting out on the abundant waters we are fortunately surrounded by is a wonderful way to enjoy the day with bay and gulf breezes fanning the way.  And in true Sarasota fashion, with tradition, a little bit of kitsch, and a huge fan base, Le Barge Tropical Cruises can have you sipping a pina colada under a palm tree, all while tooling around Sarasota Bay.  

Whatever your water passion is, Le Barge has got you covered.  Serving the Sarasota area for over 30 years by providing visitors with postcard-perfect sunsets, weddings on the water, and a presence that is undeniably unique.  It’s not every day people can see a giant barge with live palm trees floating down the bay. And once on board, the folks at this family-run business want you to know the fun is just beginning.

With a full bar, nice menu, live entertainment and special events like a 4th of July fireworks cruise, LeBarge Tropical Cruises is the boat to be on this summer.

If you are looking for an interesting option for visitors or family, a dolphin and manatee sighting excursion, including an onboard Mote Marine-trained marine biologist to provide insight, is a wonderful outing.  People will never forget their first encounter with a dolphin swimming alongside the boat, egging their audience on with playful moves, while manatees are gentle giants who slowly meander through their underwater world.  And for a truly spiritual way to end a perfect Saturday afternoon, a sunset cruise aboard LeBarge will remind you why millions of people come to Sarasota to be right where you are!  There is something about being on the water, with the gentle rocking of the boat, and the sea breezes engulfing your senses that heightens the already vivid colors of a Sarasota sunset. Sightseeing and Nature Cruises will give you a bird’s eye peek at the fine architecture and palatial mansions that adorn the shores of Sarasota Bay.  Be on the lookout for many species of birds and wildlife that you’ll be treated to also.  An in-depth narration by seasoned locals is also provided during the cruises so all of your questions on local landmarks and wildlife will be answered. LeBarge can provide an amazing venue for a remarkable wedding, reunion, office party or family gathering.  If memorable is what you’re after, a floating barge with live palm trees might be the perfect setting.

With a full bar, nice menu, live entertainment and special events like a 4th of July fireworks cruise, LeBarge Tropical Cruises is the boat to be on this summer.  You need not have a special occasion to get on board; the specialness will greet you the moment you step foot on deck.  Located at the south end of Marina Jack’s, you can’t miss the iconic vessel.  A melting pot of people, young to old, and rich to poor are attracted to this unique Sarasota asset.  So, grab your friends, your flip flops, and your fascination for all things unique and have “Le Fun” on Lebarge Tropical Cruises.  For more information, please visit their website at

Photos courtesy of LeBarge Tropical Cruises Facebook page

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