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Lauren Mitchell Band- NEW WEBSITE!

Well, it’s been six months in development!  A great deal of hard work, some bumps and bruises during the build out, and there were times that I did not think that this project would come to fruition.

I work with the best guys and gals that anyone could ask for.  So much love, so much caring, real people…..who pay it forward and do an act of kindness, EVERYDAY.   Thank you James, you are a creative genius.  Thanks, Matt for all of your behind the scenes work.  Thank you Lee, for always keeping us laughing and working.  My pal Jay, in NY also played an important part in this project.

There were also a few folks (my pals and friends) who kept it “real” and supported my team during the process.  Thank you, Barbara  who told me the things that I did not want to hear, but needed to hear.  Thank you, Julie for setting me straight when I needed to be set straight.  And, thank you to the “classy lady” with the blonde hair and blue eyes who didn’t say much, but when she did, I knew what I had to do.  

The new website is dedicated to “Mama” Kim Foy.  I know you have been watching over all of us from above.  

My “ENTIRE TEAM” is proud to present the new Lauren Mitchell Band Website!

Lauren Mitchell Band

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