Lauren Mitchell and Twinkle Yochim

Lauren Mitchell and Twinkle, 1 Song and BOOM!

Last Sunday was a perfect day in our paradise. It was sunny, 80 degrees and all was good on our beautiful Suncoast.  While walking around on Bradenton’s Main Street (it’s awesome) I heard a voice that I was very familiar with.

We walked down the street and sure enough that voice was coming from the Old Main Pub.  The Pub has been around forever ….nothing fancy and a lot of fun.  Yes, the voice was Twinkle and her band, Rock Soul Radio were performing.  We went in and the place was rocking.

Lauren Mitchell and Twinkle, 1 Song and BOOM!

A few minutes later, who comes walking in?  Lauren Mitchell!  Well, this could not have been better.  Right after the band took a break, Twinkle invited Lauren on the stage and BOOM they made everyone in the place go wild as they sang “Chain of Fools”.  

One song, two phenomenal talents- it made for a perfect day.  Thank you, Lauren, and Twinkle.  You put smiles on a lot of faces.

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