Just Announced- 2020 Sarasota Film Festival: March 27 - April 5, 2020

Just Announced- 2020 Sarasota Film Festival: March 27 – April 5, 2020

The 22nd Anniversary of the Sarasota Film Festival will take place March 27 – April 5, 2020.

The Sarasota Film Festival, a regional festival gem, known for emphasizing the best in cinema, has become a destination for audiences to enjoy the independent visions of filmmakers from around the globe, as well as engaging conversations with actors, filmmakers and industry professionals. The festival programs a variety of films ranging from narrative, documentary, and short independent films.

Previous Guests Included:
Alan Alda, Robert Altman, Kenny Anderson, Rosanna Arquette, Kevin Bacon, Pierce Brosnan, Bo Burnham, Steve Buscemi, Leslie Caron, Chevy Chase, Patricia Clarkson, Billy Crystal, Blythe Danner, Tyne Daly, Geena Davis, Richard Dreyfuss, Olympia Dukakis, Steve Guttenberg, George Hamilton, Marcia Gay Harden, Woody Harrelson, Anne Heche, Jon Heder, Mariel Hemingway, Werner Herzog, Cheryl Hines, Thomas Jane, Allison Janney, Richard Jenkins, Ethel Kennedy, Rory Kennedy, Greg Kinnear, Kevin Kline, Barbara Kopple, Diane Lane, Frank Langella, Sophia Loren, William H. Macy, Virginia Madsen, Matthew Modine, Jason Momoa, Dominic Monaghan, Rita Moreno, Edward Norton, Rosie Perez, Christopher Plummer, Josh Radnor, Jeremy Remmer, Amy Seimetz, Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour, Brooke Shields, Patrick Stewart, Eric Stoltz, Lili Taylor, Charlize Theron, Stanley Tucci, Aisha Tyler, Treat Williams, Ben Vereen, Jon Voigt, Rachel Weisz, among others



About The Sarasota Film Festival
Held annually in Sarasota, FL, The Sarasota Film Festival emphasizes the best in cinema alongside exciting programs and events, with more than 100 films screened each year including features, documentaries, shorts, and kid-friendly picks. Entering our 22nd year, we’re proud to bring the best new and established independent filmmakers to our Festival with local and kid-friendly programs that showcase our idyllic Gulf Coast community. The festival also offers a year-round educational program, which reaches thousands of local students through classic film showcases, film contests, summer camps and instructional workshops. This year the festival will take place March 27 – April 5, 2020.

For additional information please visit: Sarasota Film Festival.com


Sarasota Fillm Festival Photo

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Aisha Tyler, Alan Alda, Allison Janney, Amy Seimetz, Anne Heche, Barbara Kopple, Ben Vereen, Billy Crystal, Blythe Danner, Bo Burnham, Brooke Shields, Charlize Theron, Cheryl Hines, Chevy Chase, Christopher Plummer, Diane Lane, Dominic Monaghan, Edward Norton, Eric Stoltz, Ethel Kennedy, Frank Langella, Geena Davis, George Hamilton, Greg Kinnear, Jane Seymour, Jason Momoa, Jeremy Remmer, Jon Heder, Jon Voigt, Josh Radnor, Kenny Anderson, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Kline, Leslie Caron, Lili Taylor, Marcia Gay Harden, Mariel Hemingway, Matthew Modine, Olympia Dukakis, Patricia Clarkson, Patrick Stewart, Pierce Brosnan, Rachel Weisz, Richard Dreyfuss, Richard Jenkins, Rita Moreno, Robert Altman, Rory Kennedy, Rosanna Arquette, Rosie Perez, Sarasota Film Festival, Sophia Loren, Stanley Tucci, Steve Buscemi, Steve Guttenberg, Thomas Jane, Tom Selleck, Treat Williams, Tyne Daly, Virginia Madsen, Werner Herzog, William H. Macy, Woody Harrelson

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