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Jennifer Adams- The Chick Has Left The Nest

Turn back the clock about 6 months ago.  I had no idea who Jennifer Adams was and I certainly had no idea what a “Life Coach” was all about.  How we met and how I learned about Life Coaching is another story that one day will be shared on the Sarasota Post!

Well, here yah go!  Jenn and I were introduced via email and then a phone call.  She needed a website and a Facebook page for her new business, “Tune In To Life.”  I immediately fell in love with her company name.  After chatting on the phone for awhile, I knew I was talking to someone very special.  Oh, you have no idea how very special this talented and intelligent lady is.

Life Coach, Fredericksburg, VAFor weeks and weeks I learned what “Life Coaching” was all about and she learned how crazy and passionate I am.  It was a business marriage that I could never dreamed would happen.  Not only did it happen, it is a huge success.  She pushes me to places that I thought I would never go to and I give it right back to her and she just soaks it up like one big sponge!

She is a team player who will support you to the end.  One day she said to me “Sande, you guys aren’t just website designers.  Look what you did for me.  You build futures.”  Well, thanks Jenn and now we are changing our company logo to say “We build futures.”

Jennifer Adams, The Brass RingWhen I was a kid, my mom and dad would take us to the Merry Go Round in Coney Island.  You would reach out and try to grab the brass ring from the pedestal.  There was only 1 (one)  brass ring and hundreds of silver rings.  If you got the brass ring, you would get to ride again.  It was special.  Well, Jennifer is my brass ring and is the first member of my “Brass Ring Club!”

Sadly, Jenn is leaving the nest.  Well, kind of…With her new “kick ass” website, her weekly articles on The Sarasota Post and her posting on Facebook, she has developed quite a following.  She has picked up several new clients, has been asked to exhibit at a business show in Fredericksburg, VA, she will be a featured “Life Coach” at a gym in VA, and here is the biggie- she has been asked to speak on October 18 to a group of college students at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA.  OMG!  Yes, it has happened faster than any of us could have expected.  

I call Jenn “The Face” because of the graphic that we designed for her.  It is now her advertising brand.  Jenn is not just a business associate of mine.  She is my personal “Life Coach” who sometimes tells me the things that I don’t really want to hear but need to hear, and more important, she has become a very special dear friend in my life.  I could not be more happy for her success and continued great things to happen on her life’s journey.  The cream always rises to the top.

University of Mary Washington

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