Jack Elka and Laura Bell Adams

It’s The Law- Commercial Drone Pilots Must Be Licensed

Effective August 29, 2016 all commercial small Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone) operators are required by law to be licensed by the FAA.

Some of the rules (subject to waiver): Must fly under 400 feet, must fly during the day, must fly at or below 100 mph, must NOT fly over people, must NOT fly from a moving vehicle, Class G airspace, must keep the aircraft in sight (visual line of site) and must yield right of way to manned aircraft.  More information is available on the FAA Website.

Congratulations to local residents, Jack Elka and Laura Bell Adams. They both passed the Aeronautical Knowledge Test and are now licensed by the FAA to fly Drones commercially.

Laura and Jack have a combined fleet of six Drones- two Phantom 2, one Phantom 3, one Phantom 4, and two hand built Drones….. Big Mama 1 and Big Mama 2 that carry full size DSLR cameras

If you own a business of any type and need aerial photos, Jack and Laura are the folks to call. They are both licensed and insured. It’s better to be safe than sorry and use reliable and professional Drone Pilots with many hours of experience.

For more information, Call Jack Elka (941) 778-2711 or Laura Adams (941) 347-4500.  www.sandecaplin.com

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