It Is Going To Be a Spectacular Sarasota Film Festival from April 5-14, 2019

The Sarasota Film Festival (SFF) today announced its full line-up, including its Spotlight, Narrative Feature Competition, Independent Visions Competition, Documentary Feature Competition, Narrative, Documentary, and Short Films. The Festival also announced its four SFF Focus Panels – Florida on Film, African-American Spotlight, LGBTQ Representation, and Fashion on Film.

“The lineup of our 21st edition brings forth a range of timely topics and important conversations to engage our wonderful audiences with some of the most thrilling narratives on the screen, said Mark Famiglio, Chairman and President of the Sarasota Film Festival. “We are pleased to bring the community together with a diverse lineup of films, and hope discussions between attendees continues after the film has concluded and that everyone can find a unique and exciting experience within our 2019 program.”

The Spotlight section will include Carlos Pagán’s ALL THERE IS – A CIRCUS STORY, Timothy Busfield’s GUEST ARTIST, Werner Herzog’s MEETING GORBACHEV, Claire McCarthy’s OPHELIA, Patrick Bresnan and Ivete Lucas’ PAHOKEE, and Martha Stephens’ TO THE STARS.

Each year the Sarasota Film Festival focuses on social issues to highlight throughout its program. In celebration of the sunshine state on screen, the festival presents FOCUS ON FLORIDA including feature films FLORIDA WATER, SURVIVING LUNCH, EPIPHANY, PAHOKEE, ALL THERE IS: A CIRCUS STORY and short films COWBOYS & SCIENTISTS, PORTRAIT OF A SUPERHERO, and HIEROPHANY.



To encourage conversation of black history, experience, and identity with invaluable perspective and wisdom, the festival presents AFRICAN-AMERICAN SPOTLIGHT including feature films MILES DAVIS: BIRTH OF THE COOL, ALWAYS IN SEASON, TONI MORRISON: THE PIECES I AM, BOLDEN and short films ALL SKINFOLK AIN’T KINFOLK, and SHARING DAD.

In consideration to present stories from all part of societies, the festival programmed the focus LGBTQ REPRESENTATION including feature films MAKING MONTGOMERY CLIFT, CONSEQUENCES, CASSANDRO THE EXOTICO, THE UNICORN and short films CPL. BRITTANY JACKSON’S SMILE and LAVENDER.

The final SFF focus, FASHION ON FILM presents fashion’s place in the world and throughout history on screen with feature films THE GRAND BIZARRE, HALSTON, and IN FABRIC.

The Narrative Feature Competition will showcase IN FABRIC, directed by Peter Strickland; LIGHT FROM LIGHT directed by Paul Harrill; LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT directed by Gan Bi; SISTER AIMEE directed by Samantha Buck and Marie Schlingman; THE THIRD WIFE directed by Ash Mayfair; and TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG directed by Dominga Sotomayor.

The Documentary Feature Competition will include AMERICAN FACTORY directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert; HALSTON directed by Frédéric Tcheng; HONEYLAND directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov; THE HOTTEST AUGUST directed by Brett Story; MIDNIGHT FAMILY directed by Luke Lorentzen; and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS directed by James Blagden and Roni Moore.

The Independent Visions Competition, will feature DIAMANTINO directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt; MS SLAVIC 7 directed by Sofia Bohdanowicz and Deragh Campbell; ONE MAN DIES A MILLION TIMES directed by Jessica Oreck; THE PLAGIARISTS directed by Peter Parlow; SHOOT THE MOON RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES directed by Graham Carter; and THE WORLD IS FULL OF SECRETS directed by Graham Swon.

The jury for the competition films will consist of the following individuals: Founding partner of Park Pictures and film producer Sam Bisbee; Movie Sections Editor at Entertainment Weekly Kerensa Cadenas; Vice President and Executive Producer ESPN Films and Original Content Libby Geist; Cinereach Head of Grants Leah Giblin; Founder of Factory 25 Matt Grady; State College of Florida: Manatee-Sarasota film professor Del Jacobs; Senior Contributor to Mark Johnson; Entertainment writer Addie Morfoot; Co-Head of Publicity for Magnolia Picture George Nicholis; The Hollywood Reporter film writer Tatiana Siegel; Sarasota County Circuit court judge and filmmaker Charles Williams; and Film producer Catherine Wyler.



Narrative films include: ASAKO I & II directed by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi; AUGUST AT AKIKO’S directed by Christopher Makoto Yogi; BELMONTE directed by Federico Veiroj; BFF COURIER directed by Rannes Man; BOLDEN directed by Dan Pritzker; A BREAD FACTORY directed by Patrick Wang; CHAINED FOR LIFE directed by Aaron Schimburg; CONSEQUENCES directed by Darko Sante; AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL directed by Bo Hu; EPIPHANY directed by Koula Sossiadis Kazista; FERAL directed by Andrew Wonder; GO BACK TO CHINA directed by Emily Ting; HAM ON RYE, directed by Tyler Taormina; HER SMELL directed by Alex Ross Perry, IN LOVE & WAR directed by Kasper Torsting; IN MY ROOM directed by Ulrich Köhler; the 1962 classic, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE directed by John Frankenheimer; RED JOAN directed by Trevor Nunn; REDEMPTION directed by Joseph Madmony and Boaz Yehonatan Yacov; SHOELACES directed by Jacob Goldwasser; SUMMER NIGHT directed by Joseph Cross; SURVIVING LUNCH directed by KT Curran; TEL AVIV ON FIRE directed by Sameh Zoabi; UPSTREAM (STROOMOP) directed by Ivan Botha; and WE ARE THANKFUL directed by Joshua Magor.

Documentary films include: AFTERWARD directed by Ofra Bloch; ALWAYS IN SEASON directed by Jacqueline Olive; AMÉRICA directed by Eric Stoll and Chase Whiteside; CASSANDRO THE EXOTICO! directed by Marie Losier; THE COLD BLUE directed by Erik Nelson, COOKED: SURVIVAL BY ZIP CODE directed by Judith Helfand; DAVID AMRAM: THE FIRST 80 YEARS directed by Lawrence Kraman; THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY MOTHER directed by Beniamino Barrese; DREAM OF A CITY directed by Manfred Kirchheimer; THE END OF FEAR directed by Barbara Visser; FLORIDA WATER directed by Hazel Katz; FLY LIKE A GIRL directed by Katie McEntire Wiatt; THE GRAND BIZARRE directed by Jodie Mack; HAIL SATAN? directed by Penny Lane; I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW I FEEL directed by Su Friedrich; THE IMAGE YOU MISSED directed by Donal Foreman; INVENTING TOMORROW directed by Laura Nix; LIFE AFTER LIFE directed by Christopher Boulton; LOS REYES directed by Bettina Perut & Iván Osnovikoff; LOVESICK directed by Ann S. Kim and Priya Giri Desai, MAKING MONTGOMERY CLIFT directed by Robert Anderson Clift and Hillary Demmon; MARCELINE. A WOMAN. A CENTURY directed by Cordellia Dvorák; MILES DAVIS: BIRTH OF THE COOL directed by Stanley Nelson; MUSEUM TOWN directed by Jennifer Trainer; NAILED IT directed by Adele Pham; NEW HOMELAND directed by Barbara Kopple; ONE CHILD NATION directed by Nanfu Wang; POWER MERI directed by Joanna Lester; THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM directed by John Chester, TONI MORRISON: THE PIECES I AM directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders; THE UNICORN directed by Isabelle Dupuis and Tim Geraghty; WELL GROOMED directed by Rebecca Stern; and YOURS IN SISTERHOOD directed by Irene Lusztig.

The festival is also pleased to announce their Community Screenings, featuring three impactful documentary films. TRAFFICKING SOLUTION directed by Bill Mosher, which focuses on sex trafficking in Sarasota; INVISIBLE…POVERTY, HOPE AND THE AMERICAN DREAM directed by Charles Clapsaddle and Durand Adams which highlights the poverty problem in America; and SWING TIME IN LIMOUSIN directed by Dilip Varma and presented by Sarasota World Affairs Council, centers on American Jazz musicians in mid-20th century France and the struggle to deal with segregation through music. Additionally the Fine Arts Society of Sarasota is pleased to sponsor a screening of THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING, a documentary that dives deep into the contemporary art world, on Sunday, April 7th at 4:00PM at the Municipal Auditorium.



As previously announced, director Avi Belkins’ documentary MIKE WALLACE IS HERE will serve as the Opening Night Film, and PHIL, the directorial debut of Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy Award®-nominated actor GREG KINNEAR, will make its World Premiere at the festival as the Closing Night Film. The festival will also screen Noble Jones’ THE TOMORROW MAN as the Centerpiece film, starring Emmy Award®-winning and Tony Award®-winning actress BLYTHE DANNER. During the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, April 13th, prior to the Closing Night Film in the historic Sarasota Opera House, Danner will receive the festival’s SFF Icon Award, and Emmy Award®-winning and Tony Award®-nominated actress ANNE HECHE will receive the festival’s SFF Career Tribute Award. Kinnear, Danner, and Heche will all participate in the festival’s popular “In Conversation With…” series.

The 21st annual Sarasota Film Festival, which will take place from April 5th to April 14th, greatly appreciates the support of its corporate sponsors, including The Famiglio Family, Amicus Foundation, Regal Entertainment, Herald-Tribune Media Group, The Overton, The_Modern, Sage, Fine Arts Society of Sarasota, Sarasota Scene, SNN, SRQ Media, and METV.

Tickets for the festival go on sale on Thursday, March 21, 2019 for members and cinephiles and on sale Saturday, March 23, 2019 to the public.  Visit the website here!


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